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2011 Carriage Cameo 35SB3

Never Pay This!!! MSRP:$84,642
Our Price:$78,960
Clearance Price:$72,780
Total Savings:$11,862

Stock Number:A12198
Class:Fifth Wheel
Length:38' 0"

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The Cameo Five-Star Resort Vehicle
If you’re considering a Cameo Resort Vehicle by Carriage, chances are you are a seasoned RV’er already. World travelers, Snowbirds, or any educated subscriber to our lifestyle know that there are a lot of so-called “luxury, full-time” coaches on the market. What Carriage owners know and have come to love is the fact that Carriage products are superior in every way. Elegant rooms, quality design and build, amenities at your fingertips. It’s all by design. You are now entering the new world of resort vehicles. It’s a world we’ve been comfortable with for over 40 years. We’ll take care of the details. You just choose your premier destination.

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Holding Tanks
The Scoop on Poop
Cameo black and gray tanks are molded in a wedge shape. This, combined with our drain at the low point of this wedge, allows for you to completely drain the tank. Sediment in a black tank is never fun, but can get RV'ers thinking about how they want their coach to clean up when necessary.
We are the only brand to mount our fresh above the floor and in a different location. The reason - maximum protection. Mounted here, the fresh is in the warmest spot possible. Worst case, in very extreme situations, the customer will always have fresh water to drink and use.
Welcome to POD Construction
Unlike the competition, we do not cram a holding tank into the main rails. With Cameo, we enclose each tank with a durable ABS pod, fill it with Owens Corning Insulation and dedicate a 3" heat run directly from the furnace.
Trimless Windows
Developed by Hehr® for Carriage, our unique windows are highly styled yet functional. They’re frameless, tinted, more leak resistant and can be tipped out without worry in rain.
Break-ins happen more frequently than you'd imagine. Our popular windowless entry door (with peep hole) provides no breakable access by which an intruder can unlock your coach.





Optional Items
Interior / Living room
• Central vacuum
• Fireplace (N/A F32SB2)
• 70" home theater seating w/80" rear sofa (F36FWS, F37KS3 & F37FB3)
• Coffee table w/lift top
• Black-out shades (living room & kitchen)
Systems / Vents / Fans
• Astro-foil® insulation package
• Heat pump @ main A/C
• 13,500 BTU (bedroom) low profile, ducted
• Fantastic vent w/wall switch
• Fantastic vent w/ther & R/S
• Gen prep (includes auto change over)
• Gen. Onan 5,500 LP Marquis Gold
• 3M water purifier (whole house)
• Painted exterior upgrade
• Dual pane windows
• Slide-out cargo tray (N/A F32FWS, F33CKQ & F36FWS)
• MOR/ryde® pin box
• 2nd elecric patio awning on D/S SO (N/A F32SB2 or F34CK3)
• Raise axles for 4-WD truck
• Norcold 4-door (1210LR) (N/A F32SB2 & F32FWS)
• Norcold 4-door w/Ice Maker (1210LRIM) (N/A F32SB2, F32FWS & F33CKQ))
• HPL Armstrong wood look floor @ kitchen
• Convection microwave (vented to exterior)
• Cooktop w/doors below (IPO oven)
• Kitchen island cabinet (F35FD3, F35SB3, F36FWS, F37RE3, F37KS3, F37FB3)
• Split level kitchen island cabinet w/2 bar stools (F35FD3, F35SB3, F36FWS, F37RE3, F37KS3, F37FB3)
• King bed pillowtop (F35SB3, F37RE3, F36FWS, F37KS3, F37FB3)
• King bed - 80FLP (Pillowtop) (F35FD3)
• 22" LCD Sansui TV - bedroom
Carriage "Bigfoot" Package
• 4 individual cylinder/jacks
• Fully automatic controls
• 17,000 per jack capacity
• Five year warranty
Carriage "Luxury" Package
• 32" Samsung LCD TV (26" Samsung TV in F32SB2, 37" Samsung TV in F37RE3)
• Samsung FM/CD/DVD home theatre system 5.1 w/ subwoofer,
• Ext. E-center prep in basement
• Window in stool room
• 15K BTU high capacity A/C
• Two leather recliners or theater seating (floorplan applicable)
• Three zone halogen lighting w/dimmer switches
• Carefree Travel-R electric awning
• Hi-gloss gel coat fiberglass
• 2 luxury folding chairs
• 2 dinette chairs & table w/leaf
• 60 x 80 pillowtop queen mattress
• 2nd satellite prep to bedroom
• Interior window wood trim
• Baggage door struts
• Frameless Hehr® windows
• Ball bearing drawer guides
• Hardwood stiled cabinetry
Carriage "Performance" Package
• Corian countertops in kitchen & bath
• E-Z Lube axles
• MOR/ryde® rubber equalizer suspension system
• Aluminum wheels
• Day/night shades livingroom/kitchen
• Black-out Shades in Bedroom
• 50 amp service
• Universal docking station
• Spare tire w/crank up mount
• Hide-a-bed sofa w/air mattress
• Stainless steel deep bowl sink
• 30" Sharp OTR microwave
• 2nd AC prep
• Tongue & groove plywood flooring
• Vinyl TPO roof
• Washer/dryer prep
• Battery disconnect
Escape from the Rest of the RV World.
Air Conditioning
Is your house insulated with styrofoam? Then why would you want your RV to be? Our wall construction and insulation are more balanced than others who use laminate walls. Less moisture, more breathability, and whole-house climate control.
Max Breeze Ahead
In the bedrooms of a Carriage coach, you’ll find two of the largest windows in the industry. Above the bed is a 58" x 15" and the other is 48"x 24". By using the two windows, you can enjoy a cool night's breeze or the fresh air of a spring day without the use or noise of fans or the air conditioner. Both sides of the bed window open for personalized adjustment. All possible with well-thought-out room designs and window placement. Spacious and livable. What you’d expect in a resort vehicle.
Three-Zone Lighting
Halogen lighting in two rows are located down each side of your interior illuminating the coach. These Halogen bulbs are designed for up to 2,000 hours of use before replacement. Outside of the warm, true white light, we break the Cameo down into three zones of lights. Each zone is attached to a dimmer switch allowing perfect adjustment of light for every situation. No more messing with old-fashioned, yellow incandescent lights or having to reach the ceiling to adjust each light.
Drawer Guides
Many use ball-bearing drawer guides today. What most do NOT use is 14 bearing guides (vs. 10) with a positive catch so they stay in place when traveling. The reason for the catch? Our drawers pull so smooth they need help staying in place when in transit. And the food pantry includes real drawers, not sub-standard white wire cages. Talk to a real coach user and they will explain how BAD the cages work. We put 5-6 real, full extension drawers in our pantry for a truly residential, usable and functional pantry.
Leaf Table & Chairs
Available in Glazed Cherry or Arlington Cherry finishes, your dinette table and chairs are crafted for quality and designed for comfort. You will not find any “spring loaded” mechanism for the table either, like lesser brands. True Amish craftsman build each table with a self storing leaf underneath. Real quality means everything is built and designed to operate correctly. Other kitchen area features include an undermounted stainless steel sink w/covers, full height cabinets and DuPont® Corian solid surface countertops.
Bathroom & Vents
A Carriage coach bathroom has a dedicated A/C and heat ducting system. This room is just as important as the remainder of the coach and should be temperature controlled. Also you’ll find an adjustable nozzle to accommodate all sizes and maximize the shower experience. Not in the face or the chest–just water where you want it. A one-piece shower is one solid piece of fiberglass without seams. Less chance for leaks. The shower also features extra reinforcements in the floor for more durability.
Control Center
All necessary exterior hook-ups to the coach are located in one place. Our docking center makes setup more convenient. A light is properly placed for night hook-up. Pump switch, telephone, cable/satellite jacks, city water, black tank flush and sensor, outside sprayer features hot or cold water and 15' hose, fresh water drain and more. All insulated and enclosed. Also note we do not use cable dump valves at this location. They corrode and if detach are hard to reconnect. Don't be fooled. We do it right.
87° Turning Radius
That's tight! We didn't copy or steal this technology. Carriage has been building high-end fifth wheels with awesome turning for decades—long before most of the competitors have been in business. Carriage also pioneered "turning radius" for both short bed and long bed trucks. With over 40 years of experience, you can see how we understand what customers want and need when actually using the products. Small details and large, you can see why Carriage customers don't leave.
Full Wall Slideout
The most epic, paradigm-shifting invention in fifth wheels yet has been Carriage's industry-only full-wall slideout technology. Our team of engineers (another Carriage exclusive, real engineers!) invented the concept. Cameo's actual full-wall slideout means that the entire side (nearly 30') of the floorplan slides out to create more space and actual living area than most. Floorplan models 32FWS and 36FWS feature the full wall while most other Cameo floorplans provide large, multiple slides.
Carefree® Electric Awning
Leave Nothing Behind.
Everything is better at a resort. But how about taking more with you? Only Cameo comes with under-floor main pass-through, utility room and rear basement storage compartments that equal 181 cubic feet! A lot of golf clubs, croquet sets and dogs. It is the most storage in the industry.
Front Storage
The front utility compartment has 52 cu/ft of lighted storage. That's a lot for this area by anyone's standards!
Rear Basement
No one offers this unique rear storage but Carriage. I features a lot of additional, usable space.
Main Basement
This giant unde3r-floor storage area is almost 100 cu/ft. It's fully-finished and features secure baggage doors.


Square Platform Chassis
Our "in-house advantage" begins right away with our own Square Platform Chassis only found on Carriage Products. Because these frames are engineered, constructed and welded in our own plant, we are able to deliver a superior frame design.
We use a 2" x 6", double stacked, box steel tube for a 12" box frame. In non-engineering terms, its two 6" tubes stacked on top of each other! We stack two tubes to bring twice the horizontal support as an I-Beam. Same for vertical support...twice the protection. As an RV travels and hits the road, side to side movement is what causes most of the damage. It's a rolling earthquake inside. With a box tube chassis, any chance of twisting the chassis is eliminated! And, with two horizontal supports and 20% taller, we've eliminated any chance of frame bending or collapse due to vertical stress!
The strength of our frames from the box alone offers superior strength, but Cameo's dual floor system is what truly puts our chassis construction over the top. This sub-floor/main floor setup allows Carriage to mount our slide outs above our box tube frame. Top mounting keep us from having to torch-cut holes through our steel in order to run slide-outs. Every other brand does this and weakens the steel by 40%. On a quad-slide unit, the competition must cut 8 holes into their frames for slide arms!
A Polyester fabric covers the coach's underbelly. It is highly durable and protects the undercarriage, is resistant to road salt and oil, is puncture-resistant and also breathable.
Running Gear
Dexter® E-Z Lube axles are secured with heavy-duty springs. We use more steel and stronger welds on our frame’s spring hangers. A Mor-Ryde suspension is standard on Cameo.
Stacking the Deck
Carriage uses only exposure grade tongue and groove 5/8" plywood to build the floor of the Cameo. Ply- wood provides the Cameo with superior support when compared to the OSB flooring used in many lower tier fifth wheels. Most of our competitors use 1/2" OSB floor decking. Cameos 5/8" plywood decking gives you a 30% thicker floor. Tongue and groove plywood floors bestow the Cameos with tighter joints that don't squeak, better water protection when compared to OSB, no soft spots, a strong floor under your feet & easier to replace and repair if necessary.
Some people refer to OSB as "particle board" because it looks like pieces of wood glued together, and that's just what it is. When OSB is used as flooring in RV's "soft spots" can develop on the floor between floor supports. This is due to the nature of OSB's construction. OSB is pieces of wood glued together with a resin and can get soft in high traffic areas. In the world of residential construction, OSB is used in the walls and roofs of some homes and performs OK, however homebuilders rarely use OSB as flooring due to the soft spots and edge swelling. OSB does not do good with standing water and most homes / RV's will have issues with spills or leaks over many years of use. Standing water will cause OSB to swell and come "unglued". This will cause issues with fit and finish and is very difficult and expensive to repair if it can be done at all.
Caged Up
Aluminum Cage Construction
Sidewalls of any RV take more abuse than any other component. They get heavy hardwood cabinets hung on them, they are the attachment point for RV roofs, and they get holes cut in them for slide-out rooms. They must be built with the proper materials and methods. Our exclusive OC-16 Cameo cage does just that, and you'll find many strong selling features under the skin of your Cameo that customers have to be made aware of.
Every Cameo built has a tubular aluminum construction, with all of our stud centers being 16" apart. The Cameo has 1" x 2" Aluminum wall studs and most of our competitors do also, except that they space them out 24-36 inches while ours will never be more than 16" apart.
Every Cameo built has one layer of R-7 Owens Corning insulation in the sidewalls. The Cameo sidewall has a composite value of R-8. The Insulation is held in place by an industrial adhesive designed for insulation and compression. We also use tape, tucking and hanging to hold the insulation. The Pink will not ever settle over time.
The sidewalls will not delaminate because they are constructed using mechanical fasteners, just like your automobile.
Gel Coat
We use the "thickest gel coat" available in the industry - a full 20% thicker than Industry average. How thick is this? Let's put it into perspective. This is the range that ocean going boat manufacturers like Boston Whaler and other top quality boat builders use on their salt-water boat hulls!! If it can withstand frequent salt-water use on some of the worlds toughest watercraft, imagine how long it will last on a Cameo!
The slide-out mechanisms Carriage uses are electric, rack and pinion gear-driven slide-outs. We work exclusively with RBW, a California-based company, for these mechanisms. Cameos, if you look at the big picture, are all electric based slide out control systems. With over 40 years of experience building RV's, we believe in electricity over hydraulic power for its reliability and serviceability. We've tried many hydraulic slide out systems over the years and they just fail too frequently.
Our competitors use hydraulic powered slide outs, which may be a tad faster than the rack and pinion, but the downsides certainly outweigh a few seconds time when setting up camp. With these systems, if you were to have a leak, stuck valve, faulty switch or any minor failure in just one component of your hydraulic system, none of the remaining components may work and the entire system would need to be drained of fluid prior to servicing that failure. Many customers are stuck with slide outs that will not operate or jacks that will not extend or retract.
Radical, Robust and Remarkable Roof Construction
Our roofs are constructed with aluminum roof trusses that are sixteen inches on center, with a five inch cavity and a three inch crown. These roof trusses are tall enough to allow for the air conditioning duct to run through their middle, with a layer of pink fiberglass insulation both above and below the ductwork, maximizing cold air efficiency and preventing contact with the ceiling, which in turn eliminates condensation.
Over 70 Years!!!