Are you Dreaming of experiencing life on the Open road?

The best way to experience the beauty and wonder of America and Mother Nature is by traveling with a Recreational Vehicle (RV). We have compiled over 70 years of industry knowledge and want to share it with you. Don’t let the word RV stand for “Ruined Vacation.” Within this article, you will learn the 6 most important things you need to know before buying any of the following: Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Motorhome, Folding Camper, Tent Trailer, Camper or Hybrid Trailer.


MSRP stands for - Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price – also known as the "window sticker." The MSRP sheet will include a list of each standard and optional items included in that particular RV unit. It will also show the retail price. Insist on this information from each dealership you visit. Now you can compare and make sure they are apples to apples.

Do you want the best deal on an RV?

Consider these tips for negotiating a better price on an RV at the dealership:

    Leave all your options open when looking at RVs.

    Be friendly with your salesperson—they are working for you, too.

    Take risks when asking for a better price.

    Find the right incentives (add-ons and discounts) to make the price tag more worthwhile.


RV dealerships are some of the best and safest places to buy an RV. RV dealers are the people who know the business and know the answers to your questions. A reputable RV dealer will have a dependable professional sales personnel as well as, parts and service staff to assist you. These services will be very important before, during and after the purchase of your RV. If you feel comfortable with the dealership, and you think you would like to look at some of the RVs, then it’s time to find a salesperson. 

It’s extremely important that you feel comfortable with your salesperson. If you are not comfortable, ask to speak to somebody else and don't be afraid to help the salesperson help you. Tell them your needs, what kind of RV you want, and how you plan to use it. If you're going to buy a towable RV and you already own the vehicle you will be using to tow the RV with, ask your salesperson to explain weight capacity to you and to show you which RVs are in your weight range. A knowledgeable salesperson can be a real asset, especially if you are new to RVing. If you prefer to look by yourself, ask them for their business card and write down any questions you have so you can ask them later. A reputable RV dealership can make your purchase a pleasant and stress-free experience.


Strange as it may seem, a brand new RV can arrive at a dealership with problems. Make sure to ask the dealership if they thoroughly check the gas and water systems before delivery. If the answer is no, go to a different dealer. A PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) should be FREE with NO FEE. Many dealerships will take a shortcut and not perform a PDI.  This is poor customer service because when the PDI is skipped, the Manufacturer is no longer obligated to fulfil the warranty. 

A dealership who skips the PDI can save a lot of time and money for themselves, but creates a big headache for the customer. High-quality dealerships will even pressurize the entire system and check for any possible leaks, as well as, start up each appliance, adjust the stove burners, water heater burner and refrigerator. All water tanks should be filled, pressurized and checked. Technician should also check over the interior and exterior including: lights, slides, jacks, tire pressure and furnace. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be very wary. The dealership has most likely cut corners, like skipping the PDI or they are selling refurbished products.


A few perks can save you lots of money! An RV purchase is just the beginning. There are a number of items required for your RV before you can make your first camping adventure. A dependable RV dealership will include some or all of these items free of charge: FREE FULL PROPANE TANKS; FREE BATTERY BOX; FREE BATTERIES; FREE RV DETAILING; AND A FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE. 

One thing to note, is the quality of the batteries. Some dealers will include a free battery, but they provide a cheap battery that will not have the capability to hold a good charge or will have a limited number of charging cycles to the battery. Reliable dealerships will include batteries such as, Marine Grade Deep Cycle Batteries that are designed to give you a lot of power for a long time and have the capacity to be charged multiple times.


Ok, you’ve found a trailer you’re interested in purchasing. Now it’s time to think about financing. Boom! Here come all the added, mysterious fees: Destination fee-$1400; Preparation fee-$1200; Documentation fee-$700. Disreputable dealerships figure that by time you are sitting down in the finance office, you won’t get up and walk away, and they are usually right. You should not have to pay all those fees if you see anything more than a Document fee over $300, get up and walk away.


What about Financing? If you're like most RVers, you'll probably be financing some or part of your purchase. Most RV Dealerships have several sources of financing options. They will usually do the bank shopping for you and get you the most competitive terms. Also, don’t forget to check with your bank or credit union and see what type of loan you can obtain before you go shopping. Often times the national banks have longer term loans at competitive rates. TAX TIP: Almost every motorhome and many trailers have features of: beds, kitchens, sinks, and bathrooms, the IRS considers them similar to homes. How does this help you? It means that the interest from your loan may be tax deductible as a home mortgage. Make sure to consult with your tax accountant for more details.

There you have it! Follow these 6 tips to get the best purchasing experience and the best price on an RV. Now, what are you waiting for? Come into Ray Citte RV today to find the RV that is best for you and start your RV adventures!